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Women Focused Development

We have been supporting the development of women in the workplace for years!  From helping women in companies small and large, we have learned some of the key barriers that women face, can benchmark your data, and, are fully equipped to help your initiative be successful. 

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Events, Workshops, and Development Sessions

Upcoming women focused development day?  We can support the day using data to drive meaningful conversations around barriers, strategies to handle challenges, and create impactful bonds within your workforce for continued momentum and growth.

We can help your own facilitators, or provide expert facilitators, and have experience supporting events for female development by bringing in all genders to the conversation. 

YourLQ Workbooks

Self-Paced Development Workbooks

Got female specific development programs?  We can support you by providing YourLQ as a development tool, enabling your aspiring and existing female leadership to unlock their full potential at work, and in life.

Starting with our proven YourLQ Evaluation, the workbooks including analysis and development exercises can be branded and tailored to your course curriculum or provided as is.  

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Female Specific LQ Online Programs

Based on our LQ programs, we offer a female specific online program specifically for your female employees for the desired duration.   During the program, participants will receive weekly:

  • Personal analysis for the capability being worked on.
  • Cognitive development exercise based on the focused capability being worked on.
  • Engagement from a community LQ manager.
  • Motivation, tips, and content, aligned to the capability being worked on.
  • Digital journal to log their thoughts and growth.

These programs enable your female employees to:

  • Develop at a pace that matches their busy lives.
  • Creates bonds through a support network between the females in your workplace.


From the helping women in companies large and small, here are some of the barriers we are seeing women face:


  • Taking risks
  • Projecting their authentic selves
  • Comfortable giving their opinion in meetings
  • Truly believing in their worth
  • Over committing 

Overview of the 13 Factors

Sample Organizational Data DASHBOARD

Organizational Data Sample
It highlighted our organizational barriers and enabled us to understand where we needed to develop the collective power of our women.
— Leadership, Women Development Sponsor