Tools for coaches

Rapidly identify clients' potential areas of challenge or barriers.


We work with coaches to expedite their learning period for clients by:

  • Providing rapid comprehensive understanding of where a client's cognitive processes, behaviors, or mind-set may be a barrier.
  • Aligning any existing frameworks or curriculum.
  • Providing tools to analyze their collective client base and identify areas for business growth.
  • Providing custom cognitive exercises or aligning existing activities.
  • Providing team capabilities for professional or corporate development.

Package Options include:

  • Branded, mobile enabled evaluation with option for custom analysis question additions.
  • Coaches dashboard for data views, collective views, and individual views, allowing quick scans of data averages, individual scores, and analysis.
  • Branded client reports, exercises, and curriculum.
  • Tailored framework or approach alignment for already designed programs.
  • Custom curriculum to enable digital program expansion.

“ EffectUX tailored their Confidence Index to align with our development programs, which was pivotal in providing value to our clients. 

Working with EffectUX has completely transformed how we serve our community. We provide more accurate insight and value to our customers, but more so, provide tangible measurements of subjective concepts like confidence.

Most importantly, the ease of working with the EffectUX team, speed of delivery, and quality of performance exceeds most business partnerships. Our business would not be where it is today without our partnership with EffectUX.”

- CEO, The Glow Effect.

Custom coaches tools aligning to the way you work.

Custom coaches tools aligning to the way you work.