Role Based Training

We use YourLQ to guide role based trainings, which focus on the attributes that matter to a given role - for example sales people, customer service representatives, etc.

While we will create the right training session for you, all trainings follow our data-driven, experience framework:

  • All participants start the day by taking the LQ reflection exercises.  This sets their perspective and context for the behaviors and mind-set that we will be training them on.
  • Several interactive activities walk through their domain and how their behaviors play a role.
  • We present the collective data to tackle the biggest challenges.
  • We create individual development plans and accountability.
  • All participants receive their individual LQ workbooks.




A Fortune 500 pharmaceutical company, wanted to elevate the experience of their employee support experience.  The Support Engineers had received training before, but they were looking for something different that would focus on Customer Service Experience beyond principles and rules.


We created and delivered 2 training days each with 8-9 customer support engineers in which the LQ model was used to:

  • Focus on the attributes relevant to delivering an exceptional customer service.
  • Break down the teams collective challenges based on the data.
  • Create committed action plans that provided clear accountability.
  • Use behavioral development exercises to apply learnings in context.
  • Continue the momentum via personal development workbooks.


"This was great, not what we expected at all.  We expected a boring day with someone talking through slides – but it was really interactive and engaging."
"I am learning so much – I think I actually learned more in this one day than I have since I started!"
Example collective data reports.

Example collective data reports.