Talent Recruitment and Retention

Making sure talent is the right fit for them, and the business.


Making the right hire is so important.  So why guess? When you can know before you invest time, money, and effort. 

By analyzing the current team's strength, and each potential candidate's strengths, we can show what value each candidate would bring to the team when placed in the applying role.

We help recruiters, managers, and HR professionals by:

  • Providing collective data of the current team, the candidates, and the simulation of the candidates as a team member. 
  • Providing insights into barriers and opportunities.
  • Providing information to enhance on-boarding.  No more 3 months of figuring out how people best work, or communicate, with the Leadership Index, you can get going in the best way from Day 1.

Why measure leadership qualities?

Improve the quality of the shortlist.

Our Index evaluates each candidate against the current team to narrow down the candidate pool and find the best fit.  Through our indicative reports, you will see the comparatives of each candidate as to how they impact the team's Efficiency, Connectedness, Creativity, Awareness, Trust and Team-Esteem.

Hire for the inter- and intra-personal skills the role needs.

The Index allows you to see if the candidate's immediate strengths best match the skills that are required for the role you are hiring..  For example, perhaps interaction skills are most relevant to the applying position, or a good physical presence may be a vital trait for success in a role such as sales or customer service.  We look at over 70 attributes, including both personal traits (how a person is inside, how they think, and how they project themselves), as well as behaviors (how a person demonstrates confidence through actions).

Optimize for the candidate's immediate and long term impact.

The Manager of the current team will receive the Team Report with the new candidate included so that they can deliver personalized development plans to help their team achieve their goals, grow cohesively together, and immediately gain valuable insights into the new candidate to set them up for success and productivity from Day 1.

Enhance the applicant and hiring experience.

First, each potential candidate and the individuals in the team will take the quick (about 20 minutes) evaluation.  Each candidate will receive their individual report, allowing you to differentiate your applicant experience by helping the candidates understand their areas for development to attain the roles they want regardless of where their journey with you ends up.



Understand the individual and the team's impact on behaviors and business outcomes.

Understand the individual and the team's impact on behaviors and business outcomes.

It changed my life.

"Honestly, without the Confidence Index and exercises and growth that brought me I'm not sure I would have even started looking or looked at what else work held, so thank you again. I'm not sure you all will ever know the impact you've had on my life."

- HEIDI, Senior Manager