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Closing the Confidence Gap.



Leadership and confidence can be you.  True confidence.  Not just the mask of arrogance that some may confuse for confidence.  The confidence that lets you speak up, communicate effectively, have healthy relationships, and positive interactions.  All those skills needed for successful leadership.

That’s why we developed YourLQ Programs.  We use comprehensive insights to guide you through a 6 week structured development course that will change the way you think and allow you to attain the outcomes you desire. 

It's a growth community with the personalized, data driven results to support your development into the most authentically confident you.

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Development program includes:

  • A ~20 minute structured analysis exercise that will be used to tailor your program to your individual needs.
  • A weekly cognitive development exercise emailed to you specifically based on your top current individual growth opportunities.
  • A confidence community manager that will be with you the whole way– both engaging the community, and checking in with you on an individual basis during your week.
  • Weekly inspiring curated content – articles, tips, and motivation that are aligned to help further understand your development, as well as keep you focused and motivated on making progress.
  • Access to a private community of similar self-motivated and growing future leaders to support each other and share other learnings or personal insights for extra inspiration.
  • Access to a structured weekly journal to track progress over the course.  At the end of the course you will receive your personalized journal to reflect back on your growth journey!

Public Program Calendar

Upcoming Programs:

Authentic Leadership Development:  Currently closed and at capacity.

6 week program:  January 15th - February 23rd

YourLQ Yearly Reflections:  COMPLETED

3 week program: December 4th - December 22nd. 

Closing the Confidence Gap:  COMPLETED

6 week program:  November 13th - December 22th.

“I especially loved the thought exercises as they gave doable actions that I could take away from the assessment and actually work through to improve.”

— Anita, Tech Executive

“The thought exercises and development planning made me pause and consider how my strengths and weaknesses affect my professional and personal life.“ 

— Alicia S., Childcare

Easy to digest overviews, weekly cognitive exercises, community engagement and check-ins from your confidence community manager. 

Easy to digest overviews, weekly cognitive exercises, community engagement and check-ins from your confidence community manager. 


"It showed me how I can improve. If I take that and apply it to not just my everyday life, but, also to my business, I’ll be a lot better in the workplace, and as a human being. It was very, very helpful and I recommend it to everyone that get’s their hands on it."

- Lanthony, Business Owner