Confidence Program

- Why is it 6 weeks long?

We have found authentic development to be most successful when segmented and isolated allowing each participant enough time to fully understand the impact of their selected behavior as well as enough time to digest how to fully be aware during the development phase of each area. Of course for those extra dedicated to their development, you can always enroll for your next 6 development opportunities afterwards!

- I am really busy, how will I have time to do this?

This runs on your time.  The engagement is via email and a private slack channel.  You can check in as you please, read any content that piques your interests, and engage when you feel comfortable doing so.  The weekly exercise you can do whenever during the week and usually takes less than 30 minutes to get the hang of.  The course has been designed so that you can spend just a little time every day.  Nothing is actually required of you to complete this program other than a willingness to grow.  

Of course, to get the most out of it your growth we recommend that you at least check out the content and we have seen people prefer doing their exercise at the start of the week- allowing them to implement their learnings all week throughout their personal routines.

- What can I expect from this?

You play the most important role in your own development - you can expect us to be there to help you with tailored content based on your needs and development exercises that will bring about an awareness of your actions and behavioral impact to getting the outcomes you desire.

- Is one week enough to work on an attribute?

This is a structured self-development program. We provide you with the tools and support, offering you guidance when things get tough, but it is on you to chose to implement your development. Also, each community participant is working on their individual attributes based on their biggest opportunities of growth as well. This allows for everyone to be sharing the insights they have gained throughout the week providing the entire community with a more well-rounded perspective of how to further achieve their authentic selves.

- How do you know this will work?

We have used The Confidence Scale with many individuals, supported development events and programs, their testimonials encouraged us to bring a course that could reach more people.  Not only this, but we used it ourselves. We ourselves have followed the cognitive exercises and have seen the changes it brought us.  The best part is, we experienced other people noticing too!

- How did you come up with The Confidence Scale?

We live and breathe data.  We spend our time using our proprietary, industry recognized, process to build success models in the areas of wellbeing, business goals, and customer experience.  

Step 1:  Take in a goal.  In this case it was "what attributes are needed for authentic confidence.  Where authentic confidence is defined as - A person who feels internally confident, and is perceived externally by others as confident and is respected. Respected is important - this rules out the arrogant ones that confuse arrogance with authentic confidence. 

Step 2:  We conduct extensive research using both structured and unstructured data, working from 100's of validated research studies, interviews, coaches etc.

Step 3:  We use our iterative data modeling process to understand the data objects and the relationships between them.

Step 4: We craft evaluation processes that map to the data model and align the development exercises.

The Confidence Scale has 70 + attributes and over 1000 mappings in the data model.  You can read more about us here www.effectux.com.

- Why does it cost so little?

We wanted to reach more people, so we wanted it to be affordable.  Simple.