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Increase Your Executive Presence and Leadership Capabilities


“Honestly, without the exercises and growth that brought me I'm not sure I would have even started looking or looked at what else work held, so thank you again. I'm not sure you all will ever know the impact you've had on my life.” 
Heidi, Senior Manager, Hewlett Packard

Taking the LQ pulse was a great first step in getting a quick view of your perception of yourself and gaining an understanding of the types of behaviors successful, and authentic, leaders demonstrate. We also need to look at how we are appearing to others. Sometimes, we are not even aware of how our behaviors are impacting our lives or work, or even hindering our potential. Our LQ Evaluation is a structured, scenario based, self-reflection exercise. It then takes in your responses, and uses over 1000 points of analysis, to paint a clear picture of how you are truly showing up, as well as your limiters.

The new year is a wonderful time to gain a clear understanding of what is positively contributing, or hindering, your leadership capabilities.  As such, we would love to extend the offers below!

*These offers are valid for purchase until January 31st 2019 and the service must be used or started by June 2019.


50% Off LQ DISCOVER PACKAGE - ($249, typically $499) 

This option is perfect for those who want to gain a better understanding of the behaviors and mindsets that may be limiting their potential. 

It includes:

  • The LQ Model Reflection Exercise.

  • A Breakthrough Session:  A 1 hour meeting with your LQ coach.

  • YourLQ Workbook:  With informational content and development exercises.


30% Off LQ DEvelop package - ($649, typically $899)

This option works well for those who want to build awareness, work through their limiting belief systems and engaging new behaviors. 

Lasting for 4 weeks, this package includes:

  • The LQ Model Reflection Exercise.

  • Two 60 minute meetings with your LQ coach to apply the learnings in the context of your life.

  • Your tailored weekly workbook for your areas of opportunity, providing informational content and cognitive exercises.

  • Access to your personal structured journal to develop awareness and expedite behavior change.

YourLQ coach will be with you all the way! Once you complete the registration below, they will contact you to start the process for the package you have chosen!