Leadership Quotient



WHAT IS THE leadership Quotient?

The Leadership Quotient is designed to be a tool in helping you break down disempowering beliefs and create empowering openings for growth.  It is based on a comprehensive data model to extract behavioral and thought indicators to best understand where your mental blockers may be and help you engage in new behaviors and cognitive processes.  We use the LQ for several offerings including:


The evaluation is the first step to gather a comprehensive baseline of where you are with your leadership attributes. It takes on average 25 minutes to complete and uses 1000+ mappings to see where you measure up across over 70 attributes.  The evaluation is mobile enabled for ease of access.


Provides an overview of your holistic wellbeing and the 13 factors contributing to authentic leadership,  patterns for your top 10 opportunities, analysis  and insights, as well as cognitive development exercises for your areas of opportunity for leadership growth.

Custom Reports:  Both digital interactive and pdf reports can be created for events and coaches tool kits.

YourLQ Programs

YourLQ online program for development of attributes and tailored to the community.


Who is Your LQ for?

YourLQ is for anyone who aspires to lead in their life - be that professionally or personally.  We work with business professionals, leadership, managers, aspiring leaders, diversity groups, and more.



YourLQ was developed by EffectUX, a company that uses their proprietary research-based data modeling process to understand the key attributes that need to be present to achieve optimal success for a goal. 



Our aspiration for YourLQ is to provide individuals and teams a comprehensive view to their confidence, offering them a new and in depth understanding of their strengths and barriers.  Our validation work will continue but up until now, we have obtained positive user testing, and post reflection interviews that demonstrate validity in the impacts.

The same proprietary process used to create YourLQ has been proven to extract the impactful success factors that contribute to the achievement of a specific goal, across several industries and domains including: Positive Energy Management, Culture, Team-Success, Workplace Experience, Video Conferencing Experience, Customer Experience Maturity, Support Experience, and many more. 

The models are built using vast amounts of both structured and unstructured data including but not limited to: validated research studies, market research, domain research, interviews, and observations.  The reflection evaluation is based on specific, observable behaviors which minimizes the potential for distortion or bias.  The responses are mapped to the data model to look for indication of behaviors, or mind-sets, leading directly to actionable results.


How quickly can you be ready to support an event?

Depending on the scope we usually only need a few days to make sure branding and deliverables are designed as needed.  Typically:

  • To provide evaluation and reports to attendees: 3 days lead time.
  • To help create the event and work with facilitators:  10 days lead time (to allow for event attendees to take the evaluation and have preparation sessions with the facilitators).
  • To attend the event:  schedule dependent.



Factors, are the success enablers in which the leadership attributes can thrive.  We discovered there are 13 key competencies that enable people to feel confident, be respected, and be successful.

Attributes, are what needs to be present or specific capabilities or characteristics.  MyLQ evaluates over 70 of these.  For each attribute, there are several behaviors that enable the attribute to be optimal. 

Yes, this is a vast and complicated topic of development, but the beautiful thing is that making even the smallest change in an attribute’s behavior can lead to great impact.  We use the model to make sure that you are making impactful changes and to focus on areas that you should target.



YourLQ looks at over 70 attributes that enable you to effectively understand what actions will take you to a more optimal state – this is a critical distinction.  Once you understand where you are and what behaviors you need to stop, start, and continue, you can work on these for positive impact.

Surveys that ask for agreeance to multiple statements usually require further effort to act on the data in an effective way.  Often you are left with lots of data, but no real understanding of root cause or what to do.  

YourLQ differs from other assessments in many ways, including:

  • It focuses on specific observable behaviors – there are no ratings or duplicated questions here.
  • It is based on a data model of over 1000 mappings - in this way once you know your baseline, you know exactly the root cause as well as what is critical for positive impact.  
  • It is a scale - it does not put you in a category, tell you what type you are, or who you are.



We are always interested in learning about partnership ideas with coaches, consultants, and other company's.  Contact us below and let us know your thoughts or if you have any other questions!

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