Driving meaningful conversations and continuing the momentum.


Cultivate Support

“This event was the most loving and supportive female event I have EVER been to and it was so reassuring… Women do want to help women and I hadn’t been exposed to that in a really long time.

- Charlene, Business Development Executive

Previous Women's Confidence Development Event

/LA, 2016, EmpowHER


We have all been to that event, or workshop.  Left inspired with the best of intentions, just for life to get busy and the momentum to subside.

We enable events to have meaningful, safe, conversations as well as continuing the momentum by:

  • Providing collective data driven insights to de-emotionalize sensitive topics, identify common barriers and strengths. 
  • Providing participants individual reports with personal development so that they can continue to build on the events momentum within their own personal life(or time).


  • Mobile enabled evaluation for day of or prior to event.
  • Collective dashboard presentable for the attendees in the  room or virtually.
  • Personalized attendee reports including:  Overview of the 13 Factors of confidence, top 10 opportunities to close their confidence gap, cognitive development exercises to engage new behaviors.
  • Attendee seating alignment:  to align people's strengths and opportunities for an elevated learning experience.
  • Branding for your company or organization.
  • Expert facilitator to conduct the session, or coach your own facilitators through the data.
  • Facilitator tool kit including analysis, presentation, recommendations for the event and data debrief.

If you are a non-profit organization, let us know and we can see how we may be able to collaborate.