MyLQ Core




YourLQ workbooks focused on tailored, personalized development, directly aligned to the individual’s opportunity’s for growth.

Our Individual package includes:

  • YourLQ evaluation
  • Individual personal report complete with:  YourLQ overviews, analysis, and cognitive development of their top areas of opportunity.

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YourLQ Team focuses on tailored development for both the individual, the manager of the team, and the collective group for business impact.

Our Team package includes:

  • YourLQ evaluation
  • Individual reports for each team member, complete with:  YourLQ overviews, analysis, and cognitive development of their top areas of opportunity.
  • Manager report for the team manager to understand how to develop the team collectively.
  • Team summary overview of key metrics.

Using yourLQ to support the development of  your employees.


Events and Workshops

LQ’s events and workshops are easily facilitated at any location - by us or your own facilitators. All attendees receive mobile evaluations and fully branded reports upon completion. There are multiple options to how we organize our events based on collective data, such as using commonalities found to arrange seating orders, establish leadership groups, and create more meaningful conversations regarding personal barriers.

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Talent Recruitment and Retention

We work with organizations to structure personal development programs around individuals areas of opportunities, easily providing personalization at scale.  We can also simulate candidates to elevate the recruitment process.

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The Tool for Coaches

We can provide life, dating, leadership and development coaches the tool to manage their clients experience.  The evaluation provides a rapid understanding of over 70 attributes to bring to light their cognitive and behavioral barriers, enabling the coach to focus on areas of impact and better tailored programs for every client.

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YourLQ Programs

We run online leadership development programs that provides an affordable, structured and engaging process of development in a community based environment for shared insights and support.

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