Leadership Quotient

Closing the Confidence Gap for Women in Tech


A commercial banking company was holding their Women in Tech development day.  They wanted something different that would bring the women together and drive impactful change.

The Leadership Quotient was used in a Confidence Workshop in which collective data was shared and meaningful conversations driven.  All attendees received their take-away reports and cognitive development to continue working on closing their Confidence Gap.


We provided a package consisting of:

  • Branded self-reflection evaluations.
  • Branded presentation of collective data for use in the event.
  • Facilitator training on the data analysis, questions to ask, and industry insights.
  • 50 individual LQ reports including:  personal overviews, analysis of the top 5 areas for development and corresponding cognitive development exercises.

Turn around time:  From request to event going live - 2 weeks.


The outcome

A great attendee experience.

The event received great feedback from attendees noting how different it was and how insightful the data was.

Meaningful conversations to create common understanding.

The use of data opened the door to more meaningful conversation that could explore typically sensitive subjects with openness.

Connections and support of the network.

Colleagues formed connections that were deeper than the usual small talk, to take forward into their workplace experience.

Empowering Aspiring Female Leaders


A life coaching company was holding an event for 50 female aspiring leaders.  The CEO wanted to differentiate the event with the use of actionable data.  


We created a package that included:

  • Branded evaluations to be taken day of the event by attendees - via QR codes on the tables.
  • Collective data presented later in the session - analyzed day of the event for real time use.
  • Post event attendee branded reports for each individual to continue their growth journey.
  • Expert attendance day of to talk to the data point and facilitate some of the conversation.
It is such incredible data!
All self worth work is transformative, but this was also just…fun! I really loved your energy and vulnerability, so thank you so much for sharing that with us. Pouring through my confidence report now.
— Amy - Development expert