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What is the Leadership Quotient?

The Leadership Quotient (LQ) uses the attributes of authentic self-confidence to enable individuals and teams to put forward their best selves and achieve the outcomes they desire.  Today’s world is a constant flow of change with a new challenge arising around every corner.  The LQ enables people to develop the cognitive processes and behaviors to lean into these challenges, process the environment, and respond in the optimal way.  These characteristics are imperative for those that want to lead in life.


Why YourLQ?

YourLQ was created to equip individuals and teams the information needed to help them best guide their development – for their role, their needs, and their aspirations.  It does not put you in a box, or classify you, rather it is a diagnostic tool that is designed to enable you to develop your cognitive and behaviors barriers that may be hindering your leadership potential.  It shows you where you are on a scale of attributes that are found in successful, confident, and respected leaders in life and at work.

How does YourLQ enable individuals and organizations to achieve success?

Being aware of the mindsets and behaviors that are hindering or limiting you achieving what you want and utilizing empowering strategies of growth, enables better mental strength, greater physical presence, a more aligned internal sense of self, and better interactions with others.  Leveraging EffectUX’s patent pending data modeling process, through extensive research, data analysis, and hundreds of validated research studies, we have identified the 72 attributes that are necessary for the most confident, successful, and respected you.  These attributes fall into 13 categories.

Women Focused Development?

We specialize in developing and supporting women through programs, events, and tools.


MyLQ Core




YourLQ workbooks focused on tailored, personalized development, directly aligned to the individual’s opportunity’s for growth.

Our Individual package includes:

  • YourLQ evaluation
  • Individual personal report complete with:  YourLQ overviews, analysis, and cognitive development of their top areas of opportunity.

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YourLQ Team focuses on tailored development for both the individual, the manager of the team, and the collective group for business impact.

Our Team package includes:

  • YourLQ evaluation
  • Individual reports for each team member, complete with:  YourLQ overviews, analysis, and cognitive development of their top areas of opportunity.
  • Manager report for the team manager to understand how to develop the team collectively.
  • Team summary overview of key metrics.

Using yourLQ to support the development of  your employees.


Events and Workshops

LQ’s events and workshops are easily facilitated at any location - by us or your own facilitators. All attendees receive mobile evaluations and fully branded reports upon completion. There are multiple options to how we organize our events based on collective data, such as using commonalities found to arrange seating orders, establish leadership groups, and create more meaningful conversations regarding personal barriers.

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Talent Recruitment and Retention

We work with organizations to structure personal development programs around individuals areas of opportunities, easily providing personalization at scale.  We can also simulate candidates to elevate the recruitment process.

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The Tool for Coaches

We can provide life, dating, leadership and development coaches the tool to manage their clients experience.  The evaluation provides a rapid understanding of over 70 attributes to bring to light their cognitive and behavioral barriers, enabling the coach to focus on areas of impact and better tailored programs for every client.

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YourLQ Programs

We run online leadership development programs that provides an affordable, structured and engaging process of development in a community based environment for shared insights and support.

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It is extensively detailed and I felt the assessment was thorough and extremely accurate to me.
— Female, operations manager, 30, USA

female, tech executive, 42, usa

"One of the best development exercises I've ever taken... It actually pivoted my thinking."

What LQ Participants are Saying

Male, Sales Manager, 28, UK

The assessment opened my mind to the possibilities that were in my control.
It opened my eyes to some things I was not truly aware of, things that are standing in my way of really being the best person I can be and want to be.
— - Female, Education, 26, USA

Male, finance manager, 35, uk

“I like that I can do it in my own time and choose what I want to work on first."
The questions themselves actually made me stop and think about myself and what I would actually do, or think.
— Male, Health and Fitness, 49, USA

Life is short, isn't it time to

breakthrough your barriers?

Those outcomes you desire, are in your hands.


why the leadership quotient?

Dedicated to change.

We are dedicated to enabling people to rewire their thought processes and engage in new behaviors that will lead to impactful change. 

Fast, Actionable Feedback

The structured self reflection takes participants on average 25 minutes.


The data model behind the evaluation is based on extensive research into what makes a person feel confident internally as well as be externally perceived as confident, respected, and successful.  It maps your responses to over 1000 mappings to understand where you are on the scale of over 70 attributes. 

Personalized, Focussed Evaluations

Evaluation reports provide an easy to digest overview, and a deep dive into the top areas of opportunity for the individual or team.  For the top attributes participants receive analysis, information, and cognitive development exercises.




We can inspire each person to be a leader in life.



For yourself, and, for those around you.